Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Electrical Emergencies Can Be Disruptive To Your Home And Business. We Offer All Of Our Services In Emergency Situations. This Includes All Residential And Commercial Services, From Bonding And Grounding To Generator Installation And Repair.

Don’t Ignore Potentially Risky Problems. Contact Our Licensed Electricians At Hathaway Power Immediately If You Notice Anything Unusual About Your Electrical System. You Can Be Sure That We Will Give You The Best Emergency Electrical Services In The Area.

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We’re The Light When You’re In The Dark

What Kind of Situations Require 24 Hour Electrical Service?

● Blown or Burned-Out Lights
● Power Outages
● Circuit Shorts
● Wiring Issues
● Electrical Panel Malfunctions
● Circuit Breaker Problems

Electricity Is Necessary But Dangerous, And Some Situations Can Become Hazards If Ignored.

In The Event Of An Electrical Emergency

  • Contain The Area | Close Off The Room & Keep Pets & Children Away
  • Reduce Reactions | Remove Reactive Materials From The Area Such As Paper or Water
  • Ensure The Main Switch Is Off | Prevent Injuries From Live Wires
  • Avoid Investigating The Problem Yourself | Do Not Try To Fix The Electric Circuit, Switch, or Plug On Your Own
Emergency Services

It has come to our attention that many of our customers have received a letter from Elite Power offering services to their generators. Unfortunately, a disgruntled employee stole a customer list when she left Hathaway Power. Please know Hathaway Power is still in business, has an all new customer service team, and remains committed to all of our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 757-253-8005.