Generator Service

Generator Service

Hathaway Power Is Your Trusted Resource For Emergency Power. We Provide KOHLER Generator Services For New Construction Homes And Existing Residences. We Also Offer Scheduled Semi-Annual or Annual Generator Service & Maintenance. Before the power goes out, let our experienced, licensed electricians help determine the best generator for your needs.

Essential Loads Power Distribution

Essential loads power distribution supplies electrical power only to those devices you have pre-selected to receive power during an interruption. This allows a smaller generator to be used on devices such as security systems, furnaces, and or lighting.

Load Management Power Distribution

Load management power distribution prioritizes higher electrical loads by balancing the electricity supply. Your entire home will be connected to the generator for power. However, some circuits may be automatically cycled on and off to prevent a generator overload.

Whole House Power Distribution

Whole house power distribution enables you to power all devices in your home with the generator as if you had never lost power. Whole house power distribution requires a mid-size to larger generator.

Generators Are A Must Have For Every Household & Business

Backup Generators Allow People To Keep Their Businesses Running During Blackouts, And Allow You To Bring Power With You Wherever You Need It. Power Outages Can Occur At Any Time, Especially If You Are In An Area With A Lot Of Trees. Extreme Weather Can Greatly Increase The Likeliness Of An Outage Ans Oftentimes Comes With Little To No Warning. With A Source Of Backup Power, You Can Ensure That Your Lights Stay On And Your Appliances Keep Running. 

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